Own Your Colors Counseling

You dream of real connection, deep inspiration, and the courage to live the life of your dreams.

You are so strong, but you’ve been using your strength to tear yourself down while trying to make everyone else happy. 

Your auto-pilot has been taking you places you don’t want to go:

Criticizing yourself, panicking about the future, and feeling stuck in the past.

You’re overwhelmed by anxiety and depression, and you’re ready for a change. 

You’re burned out from going 90 miles an hour in all directions, following someone else’s map of who you’re “supposed to be.” You want to get to know yourself so you can have a really fulfilling life. 

Counseling can get you back on track.


You don’t need to get better at people-pleasing.

Own Your Colors instead.

• Discover what you most want, deep in your bones

• Cultivate the bravery to live out your boldest vision

• Connect authentically with the people you love

I believe in your natural ability to heal yourself.

You just need to learn how to get out of your own way.

Connect with me to find out more.


Hi, I’m Natalie, a Gestalt therapist in San Antonio, Texas. I guide women like you on the inner journey to meet your True Self and make friends with the wisdom of your body. 

When you learn how to get out of your head and get curious about what’s really going on inside, you will reconnect with all that pumps heart and soul into you. 

You can show up as a more brave, intuitive, and tender version of yourself — the True You who is laser-focused on your highest priorities and takes steps every day to create your best life.

This is what it means to find yourself.

You can develop a relationship with the part of you who knows your unique path to wholeness, connection, and vibrant aliveness. Your True Self is your internal compass, waiting to point the way home.

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These are some things we can work on:



Your mind races. You think and plan and worry. There’s a lump in your throat — a feeling that everything is not going to be okay. Some people call this anxiety. In a weird way, living in the future can feel safe. But you also want to be able to enjoy now.

Don’t worry. We can retrain your brain to let you enjoy yourself.

Feeling Lost

You’ve been living for everyone else for so long that you’ve totally lost touch with who you really are. You don’t know what you like or how to have a good time. You’re a little afraid that you won’t like the woman in the mirror when you really got to know her.

You can find yourself and finally feel comfortable in your skin.


You put in so much time and energy trying to make sure everyone else is okay, but it never seems to be good enough for them. You’re totally burned out. You want to start to explore what feels good to you, but you’re worried this would be too “selfish.” 

You can learn to give yourself time and space to breathe.

feeling numb

You left your body after some really scary, fucked up shit happened. Some people call this trauma. You bottled everything up for so long, and now you feel totally overwhelmed whenever you come back to what’s going on in your body and emotions.

You can build the strength to be present to your one precious life.


Does this sound like you?


How do we meet?


IN-Person therapy

We can meet at my office in downtown San Antonio.


VIDEO Counseling

We can use a secure and confidential app to meet from the comfort of your home.


a Combination of both

We can switch back and forth, depending on what works best for you.